What Happened To Equality?

Sun, 10/28/2018 - 23:47 -- cul-1

I remember a time - junior year

This uneducated boy was talking off my ear

He said horrible things about my culture

He tried and tried to get me to rupture

I jumped to my defense and said 'at least I'm not average

I know everything about my culture, I even speak the language'

He got all mad and said 'you should not be here'

I told him 'no, maybe you should be the one to steer clear'

I am a white female, I have a white face

I still experience racism from the 'superior' race

I am still white, I don't understand it

Shouldn't I be the one with the 'higher advantage'?

I want everyone to see, the educated are the ones who suffer the most damage

I see the hardships immigrants sadly have to 'embrace'

When I see what they go through I picture my grandparents' face

Nobody should ever have to go through what I did

I could have left the classroom or I could have hid

I chose to stand up for myself

Because my family raised me to be strong and share the wealth

I bestowed my knowledge upon this boy

I told him 'I'm sorry I am close to my roots, but you're just using judgement as a decoy'

When I asked him what he knew about his heritage

He just stopped and stared because he realized I was the one with the priviledge

Since birth, I was raised to accept everyone, no matter what race or religion

Others forget where they come from, to them culture is something that does not fit America's description

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country


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