What Is Going On?


Like what is really going on?

Why can't we people get along?

Why can't we live another day?

Why can't we play another song?

Instead of doing someone wrong

Shooting teens down one by one

One second they’re here with us

And then the next thing you know 

They’re gone


Please give us a sign

What are our flaws?

We don’t want anymore

Disturbing phone calls

No more lost ones

That we come to cry on

No more lost ones

That we bury due to a gun

We cannot quit

Got to fight against those

Who commit

All these crimes

That is truly unfit

And unfair

Creating tears everywhere

By sending young spirits

Up into the air


Is what we see right here

And all these young people

walk home scared, scared

Knowing to be aware

Of the crimes that once

Were really rare



You have a true meaning to what you write down (type) in words. I like it a lot it's meaningful.

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