What Frightens You


United States
39° 42' 21.8232" N, 74° 15' 11.3292" W

What makes the hair on your arms rise,
your palms sweat,
the breath catch in your chest like a wild thing caged?
Is it the dark?
A fleeting memory of a bed ime story,
ghosts and goblins , and witches hiding in the shadow?
is it the way the wind picks up before the storm?
Or is it something much deeper,
something much more frightening,
a monster deep inside that you've glimpsed only in pieces,
the vast unknown of your soul where secrets gather with a terrible power?
The dark inside?
Is your heart beating faster?
do the clouds seem to be gathering on the horizon?
does the skin of your neck feel tight, stretched?
will you be scared?

Will you know the truth?



thank you


thank you

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