What filters hide


Look at me

so different from the rest.

I’m a geek.

I’m a freak.

I’m contradictory.


No photos of me,

no amount of filters can get rid of what I see.

I’m fat.

I’m pretty.

I just can’t handle it.

So many different sides for

so many different people to see.


So many people have filters

they wear them like sunglasses.


ones that make the colors brighter

ones that turn done the intensity.

Make them warm.

Make them pretty.

and then hide the rest

So changed that even they don’t know what they’re looking at.


but not me

Hiding behind the things

makes me feel even faker than I seem.


A photo might be worth a thousand words,

but I can speak a million.

So look at me .

Speak to me.

Know who I am.

See the picture, not the effects.

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