What Fails and What Passes

“I’m in class and I’m happy”

You amazed me

“Even though you’re just one of those silly art teachers”

Is what others say to rip at you

But, you’re more of a professional when it comes to these fake others

It’s how well you do

Putting up with poor uneducated children

Who don’t give you the least bit of attention


When history rolls onto my wasted hour

I’m stuck with papers of homework that leaves my attitude so sour

We worked from your unreasonable list until the bell

It was hell

No one wanted that damn class

My boyfriend even left your room so that he wouldn’t have to kiss your sorry ass


I get so tired of some people

The ones who don’t have any principle

That declare they have so much swag

Yet they go around and call each other person a so-called ‘fag’


My classes seem to be so cut

Out of budget, not able to supply books for an AP kid’s butt

What happened?

Our situational outlook has been dampened

 What’s next?

We need to get out of this falling indebt text


We need worldly classes

That teaches us how to be in society

What fails and what passes

How to have a sense in the world with more clarity

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