what is equallity

bruised and slammed up against a wall, they are silent in fear.

their lover strokes them, carresses them, does things that that didnt have permission to do

they feel violated, worthless

like a toy rather than a human. 

but they stay silent because 

the fear of not knowing 

overrides their pain.

lets be honest here, 

what did you picture?

i feeble, weak young woman 

being thrown around my a strong ex-con looking man

and lets be honest 

that made you feel sympathy, didnt it?

you felt for her.

now, lets swich it up a bit.

what if i told you it was the human who just happened to be male

that was the victem

and the predator 

was none other than a woman.

the immage makes you giggle, doesnt it.

that man is being abused

and is to afraid t speak out 

because of the fact that human nature

creates this allusion

that makes his friends laugh and tell him to "man up"

"be a man"

"shes just a girl"

wo he waits in silence



how come when the victem and the criminal swich sexes,

it goes from a tragic, heartbreaking story

to a joke?

you may find me sexist right now

you may think of me as wrong

but please, tell me why a man being sexually wasted isnt the same as a woman

without being sexist?

i dare you.

"well..men are stronger and women cant fight them"

what, just like black people cant swim and asians cant drive?

"a man is more sexually driven...can fight back"

again eith the fucking staryotyes, huh.

no situation is the same

no people are the same

so why do we use general beliefes 

to jusify injustice?

woman and men 

we are all human

we are all equal,


NO, i am not defending rape

NOR AM I defending male superiority.

i am defending the claim that we are all people.

ladies, ladies.

we complain of the disrespectful comments we get 

"dat ass" "ooh, she fine" "dem titties tho"

but, now dont you dare lie to me

how many times have you spotted a man 

in pictures or in person

and giggled as you thought 

"dam he sexy" "dat booty" 


treat others as you would like to be treated.


girls, if you want respect,

first be sure you do the same.

boys, if you want respect, 

be sure to do the same.

let me make this clear.

all victems, no matter the sex

should be held to the same standards.

damage is damage

scars are scars 

and how damaged people are

and what scars they aquire 

should not be judged by what lies between our thighs.

i may get hate

i may be told im wrong

but hey, we ask for equallity, right? 


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