What Else?

You can walk around the same old park,
over, over, and over again.
You can know every tree and piece of bark,
and still you can’t even begin to understand what lies within.
The life, beauty.
How the great oak trees stretch out their lengthy arms,
crying, pleading to the people on the road,
asking for a forest friendly friend.
How the tall, green pines reach up to the sky,
growing, growing with such great goals in mind,
but dreams are dashed in winter when with the bitter snow they fell.
How the pavement paths with their twists and turns
rise up to meet to meet your feet in every step, every day, just because they can.
How fields of endless green stretch on
for miles despite the trampling feet.
So much beauty in an empty park,
the one you thought was boring.
Open your eyes and you can finally see
the life that lies within.


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