what does hope give me?




To have hope or not to have hope that is the question?

Without hope my soul would wander aimlessly

Waking up each morning with no motivation

Feeling as if the day is damned for doom

Just giving in and allowing the cancer to take over every inch

Of my father’s weakened body

Laying in my bed like a permanent grave

Life without hope would be a breathing death


Hope gives me faith

Hope has carried my family through the trenches of hell

Has lifted our heads from distress

Allowing us to smile through the storms that come

Takes me through trials and tribulations

 So I can come out on the top

Making the steps I take seem lighter

And taking tons or burdens off my shoulders

Hope gives me something to look forward to

Gives me a sense that there is a light at the end of this dank

Infested tunnel I’m walking

Hope keeps me at sane

I will never allow hope to slip away

Even if the world changes, I’ll stay the same

I will not allow myself to be trapped

And hopeless again

 For you don’t have to live my life

So you can choose what fits you

For me I need hope

It’s the foundation to my soul












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i write peoms for fun but i want to know if this point makes my point strong and if its any good


no good or bad poetry just emotion. Yours was full of it and i loved it. You described that hopeless feeling very well. wakeing up without any motivation sounds exactly right. Good piece and keep writing also hold onto that hope and if you want your poetry style to improve it helps to listen to other poets. If you are interested i know of many amazing artists you could look up.

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