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What do you do when you have lost someone who has always been there? How do you deal? What do you do when all you can think about is how much you miss them and how you wish they were still here? What do you do when their kind voice and memorable laughter rings in your ears? What do you do when tears won’t stop flowing and your chest is heavy with the longing for their touch? Do you scream? Do you throw things? Do you cry until your eyes are swollen? Do you sit there and embrace the memories as if they were old friends? Or do you shove them away as if they were an enemy? When you cry, are they tears of joy? Or tears of sadness? Or maybe it’s a combination of the two? Maybe write a poem asking others what they do so that you can do it too...or maybe that's what you say when someone asks you, "what do you do?"

-The Moon Owl™

*Dedicated to Eva Tolliver, my Guardian Angel*


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