What Do We Want




There are some things worth fighting for

Things that are worth the effort and time

Things that we deserve, my brothers and sisters

Things that don’t even have to rhyme


I’m talking about equality

Equality on our jobs

Equality in our homes

Equality in our society

Enough to live right

I think it’s worth the fight



I don’t trust this

This way we use our voice

How can we say life is precious

And then give it a choice?

I don’t trust this

They figured us out

They claim we have security

And yet snoop in our house

I don’t trust this

This new way of life

They do everything they can

To make sure we cannot survive

I don’t trust this

I do not trust this


Forget the lights

Forget the cameras

Forget the action

Forget your sense

Forget your worth

And take action


When will we ever learn?

It’s easier to never learn

For those of us who want to learn

It’s hard for us to earn

Respect.         Why?

Do you have to ask?        Yes

It’s just too much        stress

Equality man



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