What do I need?


Makeup is itchy

So I don’t wear it.

Purses are heavy

So I carry stuff in my pockets.

If it can’t fit in my pockets

Then I don’t really need it.

But what I really don’t need

Are the stares and the comments,

About my Service Dog.

My disability is invisible.

You can’t really see it.

And people don’t like it

When they can’t see it,

As I walk around with my Service Dog.

But over the years I’ve gotten stronger

And the comments bother me less,

But the stares still get to me

And people don’t see that.

People see me as outgoing

They see me as happy,

And friendly.

What they don’t see

Are the tears and the fears

Hiding beneath my smiley mask.

I hope that one day someone

Can make my smiles real.

I want to smile because I’m happy

And not just to appeal.

Relationships are hard

Especially for people like me.

They don’t want to deal with us

Because we embarrass them,

In front of their friends, and

Their family.

But I try to remain optimistic,

For some guy who’ll really care.

Because more than anything

Love is something I truly do need.


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