What to do?

Sitting by a fire 
Wondering what to do
I can’t think of anything
Except that I love you.
You left me behind
Without caring what you did
I can’t believe you did this
I thought we were friends.
I lie here waiting
For something to change
I don’t know what to do.
How can I be myself,
When most of me left with you?
I dream that you will come back
But I know it can never happen.
I sit here by your grave
Crying away
Hoping that no one would see
I wish you were here
To make things better.
I need you here with me.
I need you more than you think.
It’s hard to live without you
I’m sitting by a fire
Thinking about you.
What am I supposed to do?
I will watch the fire
And watch the flames die out
Because that’s what I feel
When you leave me here.

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I love this immense emotion you have in this poem!! You are a powerful writer and i know you will thrive

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