What Defines Me and What Defines You?


Even as I stand here now, you all
have a pre-conceived idea of me
It's nothing new
I have one of you too
But is it true?
What defines me and what defines you?
They'll say:
"It depends on your definition,"
What is a definition of a definition?
What is mine, what is yours?
As you look at me, you can see the same things I can see
As I look at you, I can see what you do too
As I put this on, something inside of you changes
Nothing inside of me has changed at all
What defines you and what defines me?
We are all declared equal on a piece of paper written hundreds of years ago by which we live our lives. --
Is this what our founding fathers had in mind?
What defines me and what defines you?
Maybe this life is a game of me vs you
A game for two that determines who's name gets carved into a tree and who's gets carved into a hall of fame.
It can all get into our heads and spin us around like a tornado until we're left exhausted, still gasping for the same answers.
What defines me and what defines you?
Don't be so easily defined


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