What is Christmas?

Green leaves turn to brown,
Grass covered in white.
Every little girl and boy,
Waiting for Christmas delight.

Santa’s ringing his bells,
Reindeers all in flight.
Dropping all his Christmas presents
The day before Christmas light.

Cookies and milk set out on the table.
Children all fast asleep in there bed.
Crumbs just left on the plate.
Bells ring, Santa’s off with his sled.

Children scramble, children search,
Presents cover the ground.
For the hope of all boys and girls
That their names will be found.

Wrapping and bows fall upon the floor,
Smiles appear on their face.
Screaming with extreme excitement
And running all over the place.

What is Christmas exactly?
Its love and care from friends, fathers, and mothers.
For everyone around,
And sharing the love and care with not only them but others.


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