What a Blessed Friend


What a Blessed Friend

       My friend in relation

            My loving sister in bond

            I look to you with amazement

            You enthrall my mind


            Wowing my life

            With your every motion

            I love you dearly

            For you are the only one I know


            Named in name

            Having a game

            Make me think

            Make me wonder


            How could a gal like you come to me

            An angel in all accounts

            Beholding a case that is not mundane

            You are aesthetic


            Ponder so I do

            Think of you

            Sonorous you are

            But thats just another reason to love you


            For who you are

            Terrific, spantastic, crazy

            Labels that define

            Only those of mine


            Everyday I thank GOD

            For letting you come to me

            As a friend and so more

            Gifted in many ways


            I will always remeber

            What a blessed friend, someone without a bend



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