What is Awesome About Life?

So what’s so awesome about life?

So many tragedies and hardships to endure

So many closed doors

So many times you fall and fumble

Days that left you heartbroken and moments that were best to be left unspoken

In fear that tomorrow may be worse

But life is awesome in a different way

It is awesome in the way that it molds you

It teaches you

It breaks you

And it builds you back up again

Because for every struggle you endure there is the promise of tomorrow

We say to ourselves

One more week of school

Two more days of work

For where in the darkness and depression lurks the now we find joy in thoughts of the future

When the growing pains are over you look back and praise the journey as well as the fruits of your labor

You look back and laugh

Wasn’t that crazy

I can’t believe we did that

Look where I am now

Look how I have blossomed

And you don’t regret a single thing

Because the journey was something undisputedly awesome

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