What is "awesome"?

A word we all know too well,

when said it easily makes your heart swell.

Awesome is a word we tend to use often,

but I wonder if they knew more, would it end.

Little accomplishments are like raindrops in a stream,

but when faced with reality, it they just turn into steam.

Awesome means something grand and bold,

it is not a light word for small events that unfold.

One truly knows "awesome" when they've come to realize,

thats it not about now but what they've faced in their lives.

I believe that this word is getting old fast,

and that the world "awesome" is a word of the past.

Even though our paths are different, I pray,

that you'll find the "awesome" in your past one day.

For behind every storm a rainbow unfolds,

Let's make it an "awesome" story of old.

Look to the sky and think of this word,

Let your mind wander like a free bird.

Go back to the days where your worries were none,

turn "awesome" into a word that's not only used for fun.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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