What are Friends

Any time you make a new friend.

They might just be the one to make your life bend.

Friends can be great, honest, and have the right intentions.

Or they might just be the one to give you all the detentions.

Friends can be responsible, and own up to their mistakes.

Or they can cause your life to have major earthquakes.

Peer pressure can lead to addictions and to drugs such as marijuana and cocaine.

And these drugs can make you go insane.

Friends should be chosen carefully so you don’t get in trouble.

Mischievous friends cause trouble to be doubled.

Friends should share similar values, interests, beliefs, and attitudes.

When you are sad, your friends can put you in a happy mood.

Friends should have open and honest communication.

They will be open back, and share their relation.

Friends share joys, disappointments, dreams, and concerns with each other.

Friends will treat you like your their brother from another mother.

Friends should show mutual respect, care, and support.

Your friends will never leave you short.

Friends should show concern about each other’s safety and well-being.

Friends should give you that happy feeling.


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