What Am I To Your Name...

What am I to your name.
Fondness showed me flames, love gave me kindness.
Feelings grew like a river to the sea, heart deepen to the greatest,
I thought that was it with no knowledge of cruelty all can lead my deepen.
You designated my soul like a navigator, you overwhelmed my heart like water to a dam.
You rendered my heart everything, you got me to the end of the world with hope in my dreams.
I saw a chapter I can never close, a book I can never skip a page daily.
You drove my soul to thee powerful destiny, thee bridge I saw us passing,
Exceeding the limit of what my mouth speaks.
Words in a second were like a water, flowing from the dictionary of what realm my honesty,
Yet your feelings came like a night where at dawn it ran like an owl chasing a rat.
You were the star that shined my eyes, thee moon that enlighten my journey, and thee sun that showers my heart with greatness.
The branch you were turned to realm to a leaf.

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