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Thu, 03/05/2015 - 13:38 -- rasen58

Happiness, I feel it there

Happiness, I hope to see it somewhere

Pain, I know it here

Pain, I carry it everywhere


A moment of joy, is

Too much to ask for

In this world of misery,

I envision only agony


A little bit of fun perhaps?

An inkling of summertime madness?

I had my chance, that Eden is gone

Decaying to the floor, don’t hold on


Happiness is the truth you say?

Nothing but a web of lies, I surmise

Only sadness grounds me

Only loss guides me


Every time I smile,

Those muscles ache

But quickly the pain passes

And all that’s left is work to make


Hidden in the waters, of yesterday

Found in the salt marshes, of cometh day

The death is there, my eyes are gray

Only a few seconds, and only if I may.


Once again, the happiness rises

Once again, the pain comes down

It lands with the thud of a thousand needles

Upon the body of my earthly self


So I tell my people,

I am yours no more,

This what you see, is a shell

A cocoon of frozen glory


Never again shall true happiness reign,

Not until the heart stops beating, slain

But by then, there will be nothing and nothing at all

Till that day, alone shall I tread, this road upon flames 


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