What about us?

Mon, 10/14/2013 - 12:28 -- Iiceia


They call us the future

say we will rule the world some day

Lead the world to greatness

so say the politicians

those priveledged people in Washington

the take our money our taxes

they create the budget

they take and take and spend and spend

vacations and perks galore

while we, those who are the future,

we suffer in classrooms

schools ridden with neglect

school books decaying and tech labs turned computer grave yards 

we payout public schools dues every year so they can make it by

Cafeterias so forgotten by budget committees,

the food isn't real anymore

its pink slime and additives

burnt to a crisp and flavorless

teachers are never taught to teach

students fail because no one will help them 

and our information is outdated

we have to fight just to keep the school open

students take time away from home and studying

to raise the money needed

the money politicians use for private jets and mansions

Our classes teach for the test

no real lessons learned

students can't survive in the real world

cant cook clean or navigate through college


that thing that's necessary

life goal for the masses

but we never learn how to get in

how much work and time it takes

how to suceed

they don't tell you the money you'll spend 

or the disappointment you feel

when you're rejected

schools teach the students to pass the tests

to prove the teachers are worthy of their paycheck 

but what about us?

what about the students?

 The future leaders?

why can't you teach us what we need? 

Teach us to survive life

to get into college

those life skills so many of us lack

teach us things that are necessary for life

for college

 For our professions

what about us?




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