What About My God is Awesome

What about my God is Awesome?

Is it his raiment of light which gives Darkness Fright?

Is it his tears that flow every time you say “she’s a hoe?”

No no, its gotta be his glow that shows up every time I’ve messed up and have nowhere to go

Or is it the slow passion precipitating from the pursuit of his perfection presuming that in a period of time you’ll be presenting your presentation in the presents of the perfect king in front of his pearly gates

Well I hope this entertained you and if you believe what I believe, I hope it helps sustain you

I’m just 17 and I’m writing this to direct a few by telling them that Jesus is the only one that can save you

Hey, I might be called a lame too

But all that happened here, was I just sat back and thought about all of the times that he has came through.

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Our world
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I love that fact you talked about the Saviour of the world!! He is So AWESOME!!!

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