What about love

When I was younger

You taught me one thing

"hate is a strong word"

You told me, "it can sting"

but what You forgot

was to tell me that 

the burn of love can be just as hot.



You forgot to tell me 

about Him.


You forgot to mention that

I would be enamored by His eyes,

captured byHis laugh

and crushed every time we say goodbye.


You forgot to tell me that

whenever He smiles,

I'll smile right back.



A warning might have been nice.

You didn't tell me that I could get upset sometimes

didn't tell me that love may come at a price

that sometimes love is just a disguise.

that it may come as a surprise.


I have seen every hue

every shade of love

every color of blue

shared in every moment of happiness sent from above


You told me what hate was

what it looked like

how it felt.

So I  learned.


I learned what hate was.


I had no knowledge of love

no idea when it was there

Instead, i gave it a shove

like a bug from my hair


Maybe  I would have been better off 

if you had spoke of love 

instead of hate.


I do not mind that though.

Over the years, I've figured it out.

my reason for love are tried and true.

I have no reason to pout


A word to the wise,

speak of love

do not mention those things you despise

Do not think on the things you fall short of

and do not preach about hate

instead speak of love.






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