For What?

I begun interrogating myself

Why was I left?

If I knew in myself that I'm multi talented 

What more can he ask? I feel demented


Tell me, for what is my goddess like beauty?

If he considers me ugly

For what was I called brainy? I

f slipping for him makes me unwitty


Tell me, for what is my hourglass like body?

If he sees me as a nobody

For what is my angelic voice?

If he thinks of it as a noise


Tell me, for what was his everyday greetings?

If he and his special someone were already dating

For what was his sweet gestures?

If the end line of our story is departure


Tell me, for what reason did he made me fall for him?

To crunch my fragile heart into pieces it seems

For what was those times that we've spent together?

Ah! Yes I get it I was just his time killer


Warn me, if what he feels for me

Is fleeting and temporary

So I can help myself get ready

That later on I should let him free


Maybe we don't belong in each other's arms

Maybe pushing this tale will just cause some harm

And all of those moments that we have is just a theory

A theory that was made to support our tragic story.


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