WH Questions

What did I lack?

Was it just a pure luck?

That my heart was the one that you pluck?

I solemnly swear not to crawl in your arms back


What did I miss?

Was it all just a bliss?

Or was it because I can't give you a kiss?

That you've decided to end your sincere promise


When did your love die?

Am I just living in a lie?

I was just a stupid love sick, oh my!

Didn't know you're wiser than a fox for being sly


When will I stop?

Until my tears' last drop?

Was it your plan to caught me in your trap?

But in your love maze I've already lost my map


Where did I go wrong?

Didn't our love was so strong?

Or was it I was not the one that you long?

'Twas all crystal clear that in your heart I don't belong


Where is my place?

My mind is at haze!

Was all your words were sugar glazed?

In your cheating tactics, I was amazed!


Why did you leave me?

You're my one and only!

Can't you just love me?

I'm certainly okay with it please believe me


Why can't I deserve you?

Tell me what should I do?

Can't you just say I love you too?

Please I'm begging you to promise your love won't undo


How did I end up like this?

Ending up with cutting my wrists?

Will it suffice my pain when my flesh bleeds?

Out of all this shits, I'm done of this!


How to move on?

Was it easy like a sun rising from dawn?

Like a sunflower sprouting on your lawn?

But all I know I can do it on my own!


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