Wet, Wet

Down in the wet, wet, I find myself feel by the edge

This is where I penetrate the vides and joy, in this place

Down in this wet, wet, I did feel the motion on a ledge

Far out as I find, the mind wondering all soft to putt

the flow of petals blossom to the taste, lips shine ace


Fall to the running’s of this wet flooding’s, roll out the wet

Down in the wet, wet, all parts engage to the well's oil

Slipping slide in and outfall on top of wet, tummy tuck

Nothing move from this place to the next, face touch face

All the time wine taste lines to ears, pierce nail heal

Down in the wet, wet, I found the gummy niche

Watch the ice-cold frost a bite in the warm. Back front


I covered it all deep, deep within the lenses, all seen

Early years tell a tale of the dream, a bowy one wish

More minutes to feel every cheer as it clears the air

Going in all the way in, trying not a return, it nice

twisting myself remembering workout place practice

Seemingly calm, screaming mouth cover to tell

Locked in cover all parts under cover blanket treads

Down in the wet, wet, explosion about to unfold in time


Hand sees wet……shhh!

Move the hand she said, nothing wet

Mind gone, slipping wet find the jet

Why this wet tek set

Well, the mode is set fi this wet

Oil dripping to this wet

Well, well, we get set to this wet


Phone start ringing with a motivational singing, keep gels

No point of returning in this wealth of discerning self

This is great bonding, cool handling lips connected well

Phone still ringing but still not stopping everything wet

It’s like a wet, wet setting and I’m finally coming plenty

Yes, done now, it has finally done, the wet, wet find wetter

You dirty mind, stop it, it was only the wet, wet.

I was down in the wet, wet, hope you not wet.



The End

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