Well Duh

Writing about you is like writing about the meaning of life

There's so many circles and wonderful sayings but no end

And I could go on about your eyes and your hands

But instead I will go on about who you are

You are everything, the quiet praises you give me

The seductive voice you slip into during sex

The stupid grin you have on your face when you know you're annoying me

The funny noises you screech out like a brachiosaurus being revived

The patience you have with each argument we have

The unwavering eye contact when we say something serious

The exasperated noise you make when I ask for mac and cheese

The kiss on my back when you know I'm upset

You're beautiful like the way flowers bloom slowly

Sometimes you bring me to my knees just by your angles

I think you're living proof that there is a God and maybe more

You remind me what a soulmate is what true love is

Even when I forget it briefly in my own fits if depression

And you definitely deserve more than my irrational love

But you chose me and for that I am so incredibly thankful

The hand holding and smirks and music is all you

The trembling of lips and glasses and candles

The sandals and hugs from behind and lemongrass

Are all you.


This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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