We'll all get to glow up

We all grow up, but we don't all glow up.

Some of us just need to take responsibility and show up.

Helping others by learning about the injustices, we get woke up.

Seeing how they get treated should make us want to throw up.


When I was young I wouldn't listen, I would blow up.

I began to learn, my mind began to slow up.

Going through the news, I stopped ignoring and would scroll up.

I wanted to help people. It was time for me to grow up.


All of the knowledge, I took it and I'd soak up. 

I grew up wanting to help people, now I'm a grown up. 

The rest of us should follow suit, it's time for us to own up.

We don't do it for the glory, you'll never get my close up. 


The bad guys in power better watch, we're gonna roll up. 

It's time for us to rebel; join us and we'll load up. 

They never expected this to happen, we rose up.

When we all get treated equally, we all get to glow up. 



This poem is about: 
Our world


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