Welcome To The State

Thu, 11/08/2018 - 21:43 -- NadiaH

Blank faces

Blank minds

Blank thoughts


You are blank

You believe in the slate

You believe in the state

You don’t realize your fate


Let me give you a hand-ma’am 

and I’ll tell you the tale, the tale of the straight 

straight like an arrow beliefs that lead you astray 


You were taught to behave 

You fought back with resistance that only narrowed the distance between you and your oppressor 

You asked for change but had to give up what was in you pocket to pay the toll


You are the troll online looking for something to complain about

You convict other of appropriating when maybe they are appreciating 

because apparently we can only have hate

But you're still accepting your fate


You fight back by asking for more 

policies and restrictions 

That’s not resistance 

That’s ignorance 

or should I say ignoring 

because for you it is more boring to see the truth

you choose

to lie to yourself because oh, it’s more convenient 

You call that an achievement but really

It’s a failure

You are a traitor

You refuse your own rights

In hopes that you might “fix the world”

It’s amusing really because you’re just lighting the fuse


Enjoy your fate

I welcome you to the state

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This poem is about: 
Our world


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