The Weirdest Thing

I was eating with my favorite fork today. 

I was having this delicious meal and

I had a spoon in the bowl so 

I didn't have to go back and get one during the meal.


I am not sure what happened but

I was eating with my favorite fork today and

I lifted it up with the food on its tips and 

I watched as the spoon leapt out of the bowl and fell.


I watched it tumble. 

I watched it spill. 

I watched it, even though it was clean.

I noticed how clean it was.


I sat there quietly and then

I felt desperate tears run off my cheek and

I shook visibly for no reason and

I burst into tears.


I still don't understand why 

I cried but 

I sat there on the side of the bed and

I sobbed three times over.


I think it's because

I felt the standards fall and 

I felt the pride 

I should have held fall.


I know it is weird 

I know it is the weirdest thing.

I don't understand it why but

I hope it's nothing important. 

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