The weight

Where are you when the remembering brings me to my knees?

The firework of your kiss reignites over and over,

sizzling in my chest and sounding in my recesses.

Your touches on my temples swirl in my brain,

adle my thinking,

make me tingle when no one's looking.

The future of my sanity rests like dead weight on your shoulders.

Will you save me?

Or stay away?

Either way, the joy is already gone.

I miss you.

The love of your love is driving a wedge between me and myself.

I need to stop before one more becomes

no more.

You know how that is. 

Looking for a number in the clouds when the right answer

has been in the soles of your shoes all along.


Size 10 1/2 makes it half way around the world, when all you needed 

was a pocket full of dreams and 

my love to guide you along the path.

Follow me deeper into the dessert, my love.

Come die in my arms.

I knew happiness cost more than life was willing to lend us. 

We couldn't even afford the expensive kind that only leaves you wanting more. 

No kind of happiness at all. 


I miss you.

I drown in remembering the way you used to hold my hand  

But that show has burned out and now,

 I fear that all that is left is the weight

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