Dawn breaks 

And the Hudson is clear 

Two colonels, two pistols 

And two hearts beat with fear 


Despite this fact,

The first kept chin in the air 

But circumspect by nature 

Taking chance did he ne’er 


Meanwhile his opponent 

Abrasive indeed

Was hasty by nature 

ev’ry second wrote he


But oh, unfortunate fate!

Of what did follow next 

For wrote the scrivener at morn

“This craven shan’t shoot for vex!”


But to the scribe’s defensive nature 

Such a hesitant creature assumed 

“The man shall shoot to kill me, 

His character indicates presume”


But little did he know 

Of the young writer’s head

His pistol raised to the heavens

Would he soon drop dead 


Indeed did this fate endure 

For funny does seem 

How little one knows a man 

Till he becomes your enemy


This poem is about: 
My country


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