The Weaver

You used to feel tied up in string.

And so you spun some of your own.

I've loyally watched you in silence.

And your web of lies has just grown.


That Christmas, I went on Pinterest

To bring a smile to your face.

Bought the gift I thought was perfect,

Brought it over to your place.


Before school, I'd bring you breakfast

Just to brighten up your day.

I couldn't wait to give it to you.

But you just gave it away.


In a crisis I would text you,

The only person I could trust.

But your strings turned into cobwebs.

And you left me in the dust.


You play to your advantage,

With a voice so sickly sweet.

You coax us into your little game,

Make rules so you'll never be beat.


But I turned the other cheek.

I made excuses for you, too.

You lied, abandoned, and excluded

So your web steadily grew.


Because every picture that we took

Was faker than the mask you wear.

You tell me I'm such a good friend.

But I know you don't really care.


I dropped everything for you,

Gave you my support and love.

But you had to be the highest,

Stepped on me to get above.


You play dumb, act innocent,

But I won't be the last to know.

Your disguise is wearing thin.

Your true motive starts to show.


Now your web is growing thick,

Choking me, so I can't speak.

But beware, my little spider.

You'll spin yourself o b s o l e t e.

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My community


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