We Won't Learn


Rusty chairs, torn books.

Broken clocks, dirty looks.

50 student class with no desire to learn.

Dried out markers, low salary to earn.

Scary teachers, bullies and cliques.

Broken lockers no one will fix.

Teachers only concerned with what we wear,

students complaining life's unfair.

Students no longer care about learning,

teachers only care about what they're earning,

students to scared to go to school,

some believing being smart's "uncool".

A generation only concerned about social media,

getting all the answers from Wikipedia.

Disregarding their free education,

giving up on our future generation.

Teachers or students, who's really to blame?

When it's all drawn out they're really the same.

Bring back the teachers that want to teach.

Bring back the students that want to reach.

Bring back to schools the people that care.

Quit ignoring problems and make people aware.

It's the students who no longer want to learn.

We need to make a change, it's our turn.


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