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(poems go here) America, like a beautiful piece of tapestry has been woven together to create a unique patter like no other. Pride, courage and strength run deep in this country’s veins. Tangled up with it are hardships, agony, tragedy and fear. Our country is a beautiful rose that can easily prick your finger with one of its sharp thorns of tyranny. This country was carried on the backs of outcasts, who preached all men are equal under one just God. All men except the real people who brought this country to life. The slaves whose backs were red from whippings so cotton could be sold to be made into clothing for the white mans back. The Native Americans who called this land home before it was over taken by outsiders. Their villages destroyed and people killed. Women from any background who is told she can never do what a man does. Gay, lesbian, bi sexual and transgender who are told the love they feel isn’t real or right because it’s not with the person society thinks it should be with. This country is and will remain separate and not equal until the day when a person is not judged by their race, color of their skin, sexuality and gender. Who are you to judge me? We all have our demons we wrestle with. Yours might be like mine. You will never know because you will never take the time to ask. Why? Because you’re afraid of my race, don’t like my skin tone, think my gender is worth less to yours and who I love doesn’t matter because to you it isn’t real. That’s why. Open your mind. The thought is scary but the reality is life changing.

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