We will always be family


United States
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United States
32° 35' 48.192" N, 116° 54' 10.1268" W

There was always an image to live by,

And a reputation to uphold.

But it was until everything felt right

That things began to unfold.


It started with the color of your skin

to the style of your hair;

The next was the whiteness of smiles

to the clothes you wear.


We have been taught that racism,

Discrimination, prejudice is wrong;

But the ways of favoritism and stereotypes,

They run through our streets ten million strong.


The truth is no one wants to be judged.

Yet everyone has something to say.

We all claim individuality,

But don't want to be seen in some other way.


As for me, I've seen

The reality of it all.

Behind the glitz and the glam,

The things that make us fall.


It's a little word

That is supposed to be good,

But we have altered its meaning

Which is why we misunderstood.


We have been told that competition

Is supposed to be friendly.

How can it be if winning

Is the only word in all the medleys?


We have been so caught up,

We forget what it's like to have fun.

In order to understand a victory, 

You just may have to lose one.


This means we are winners.

It shows us multiple ways to be a victor.

And if you were defeated,

You should still encourage your brothers and sisters.



Very nice and true, I like it~

The third line may have a typo:

"But it was[n't] until everything felt right"

Also, at the beginning of stanza 6, I'm a bit confused as to what 'litle word' you're referring to. Is it family? Equality? Judge? I like the phrase, but there have been so many references to many words that I'm not sure which one I'm supposed to be thinking about here.


Keep up the good work, and keep up the encouragement! :3

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