We Want What We Can't Have

she had a wicked smile. she once gave me
a strip tease but my eyes didnt leave her blinding
white teeth as she bit her bottom lip and her
dimples mocked the twelve year old boy i 
was impersonating as i sat there frozen.
lust clouded in my eyes and i yearned 
to shove my tongue past those pretty lips
of hers and drown her in my desire. 
she grinded her hips across my lap and slapped
my hands away when i tried to touch. 
she pulled me out onto the balcany and we
fucked passionately on a lounge chair
in the pouring rain. lightning struck breaking us
out of our stupor and she grabbed my hand
as we ran inside, bodies bouncing with electricity
but teeth chattering and pulses racing. 
she dragged me into a platonic shower 
and i knew better than to relish in the domestication
of it all but when i massaged her shoulders,
she stopped sipping her fresh coffee for
the slighest second to let slip a genuine smile
she didnt think i saw but i did, and i just
flooded into puddles of poison knowing
that she would never be mine as she walked out 
the door to slip back into bed with her wife. 


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