We The Oblivious - By Gabriel Erceg

This oblivion is the only world I know

No one can see me, not even my mother, nor my brother, nor my father

The rest look at me with disgust

Yet they worship a robust slut named Kim

I guess this is what I get for sitting on the edge of the rim

I find it tiring

I find myself reprimanding


I’m not the only one on the edge

There’s many of us all together

The stacks of the ones who gave in can barely make a hedge to protect us


We have the voices

The voices from Oblivion

The voices of our destruction

The voices tell us to cut with disks

We the oblivious hate our lives

We the oblivious need a light

We the oblivious are stuck in Oblivion’s plight


Our parents don’t approve of us

They think we have a lust for blood when we really have a lust for good

None of us see the good because of anxiety and depression

We can’t even remember our true selves because of Oblivion’s oppression


We the oblivious hang ourselves

We the oblivious starve ourselves

We the oblivious hate ourselves

People say we’re freaks because of our mental states

Yet they’re part of our suicide rates


None of us end up at the gates of heaven

Instead we meet the one who gave us this curse

The satanic being who made us all infer the worst

Maybe just this once I’ll give into this thirst

This thirst for my own death

Just like the rest who lost to the curse


We the oblivious die of suicide

We the oblivious are ones in need

We the oblivious are betrayed by god

He hates us

He hates us just like the real oblivious ones


I’m gonna end it tonight

And don’t you dare say you loved me because those were the words I needed to hear when I was alive

I’ll see you in this burning hell when you die

Sincerely, the victims of Oblivion

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My family
My community
My country
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