"We Need 2 Talk

Hey buddy ol' pal of mine,
what's up?
It feels like there's been some...
"confusion" between us...
So I just wanted to make things clear.
Now listen up,
when I was given life
there was a silent agreement
(or so I thought)
in which you only... ONLY
pump blood through my veins
- that's IT.
You've been doing alright for a while
until I was in around my teens.
How the heck did you come with
all this baggage without telling me?!
Sure it's weightless...but...it's been
taking a toll on me randomly
-making me feel like I carry all
the planets on my shoulders, but
then they explode into thousands of
butterflies that sometimes turn
into cement bricks.
Just cuz I'm trying to talk to that
1 guy you suckered my brain into
fantasizing about...
How'd you swing that?
Why'd you do that?
That's not your job- just pump blood,
not give me an array of feelings
out of nowhere for a stranger.
Stop that & just do your job.
Don't give me false hope,
just let me go about my day.
I don't wanna have this talk again.
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Need to talk?

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