It’s simple you see

We’re angry.

We’ve held our outrage

by a string,

A ballon of animosity

I can’t believe has lasted so long,

Maybe our hope has contained it

Hope for 



Dignity, shoot

Hope for Freedom

I still feel my wrists chained together,

And I can see chains dangle from fragile,

Yet brave and determined brothas and sistas

These ancient chains come to be hereditary

We are imprisoned, oppressed, 

Not free to be black!

The moment we’re born.

This balloon of animosity

Grows with each new beautiful young and

Hope grows lethargic while attempting 

To grasp this balloon

But we’ve felt our 

Black heads pinned to the concrete,

We’ve felt our lives held

In the hands of a murder (cop, I mean),

And our anger has found freedom





This poem is about: 
My country


Annette M Velasquez

The imagery, metaphors and raw emotion within this poem is excellent! This shows poetic skill because you've given detailed descriptions and good comparisons... Language such as " balloon of animosity" " hope grows lethargic" holding outrage by a string, and the image of chains- all of this is powerful and impactful. I have read your other poetry, and while they showed raw, honest emotion and were clear and to the point- this one showcases your use of craft- sheer poetry.


Wow, thank you so much! 

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