We Argue

Passionately irrational longing for compassionate entanglements with this lie the fault . Thunderbolts shoot across her skies its blinding . Lightning rages , striding amongst the dying . These empty truths we choose . Bruised egos in hiding , black and blue the color of lights shinning . Fearing the inevitable fate . Hate it sedates the human condition . Like a magician suspicion of every transition , You promised your submission . Fell short of hearing your rendition . My omission , shh I won't tell you , with your permission . I find my self here alone prone to the unknown , yet i feel comfortable . Incomparable solution makes reality just a formality of life . Irrationality putting in only what i get out . Just another way of expressing my irritation of the litigation still raging like an old war movie . Another day another duty . The night life is moody . Tonight must be right for a fight . I count to ten again and again . The comediennes just laugh never underestimateding the wrath . Holographic images of photographed happiness , hiding the snappiness in the voices . Noise annoys the once found joys, now rooms with silent defiance . Obeisant light fills my empty spaces . Ungracious feelings of misunderstandings . Pages and pages of paraphrases im I'm awe . It's Surreal .


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