We Are of the Sea

We are of the sea

We flock to the sound of crashing waves

We walk barefoot feeling grains of sand slip though our toes

We breathe in cold, salted air, and feel the warmth of the sun on our skin


We swim in her cold embrace

We surf her breakers

We sail at her leisure

We eat from her table


We draw oil from her depths

We settle on her borders

We dive into her depths

We travel upon her for luxury, commerce, and war


We love her

But she is a mystery

She is vibrant and wild. But subdued, out of sight.

Her treasures hidden beneath a blue veil


Life in every corner

Some invisible to the casual glance

Some screaming out with color

Corrupted, though. By our hand


Ill from plastics and chemicals

Guts full. Creatures die hungry

Waters slowly heating and expanding

Acid dissolves away reef and shell


Poisoned of ignorance and apathy

A slow toxin

Difficult to combat

But worth the struggle


To fight ignorance with education

The tedious process to inform minds

Success will lead us to warm sands

Fail. And the poison will taint all


The sea is not ours, but we hers

She is our mother

She provides and supports

Yet we have made her sickly


Now. What steps shall we take?

Make no mistake,

We shall share the same fate

For we are of the sea


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