We Are No Different


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Some say ignorance is bliss, but I dare to disagree;
I say ignorance is what the eyes are afraid to see.
On the outside you may think these people are friends through whatever;
Truth is they use you in efforts to make themselves look better.
As beautiful as their faces may seem;
Darkness fills them, no rainbows or sunbeams.
This darkness consists of hate, bias, lies, and hurtful words;
It’s time to stop this trend because all that stuff is for the birds.
All men are created equal that’s what I believe is true;
Why hate me because of my color? I hurt the same as you.
Let’s all join together and shine light unto this dark;
Because every gigantic fire, starts with one little spark.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

we are all one

we bleed red

thank you for sharing your story

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