We Are More

The rain pours down hard and I walk through the door

pitter patter goes the rain as droplets crash to the floor

Shrugging off my coat I see he is there drunk like never before

He awakens from his stupor long enough

To call me stupid and not at all tough

He drunkenly yells after me "You are nothing but a screw up"


As I try to escape he plunders after me

Catching things, knocking things, making a scene

Slamming my door I hear him scream

I sob quietly, knowing I'll never be the daughter he wanted 

Staring out the window, I know I'll forever be haunted

Because I know at first we always bonded


Opening the old wooden door I step out

There he is just siiting there on the couch

"What, are you going to cry some more and pout?" 

He slurs as he laughs mockingly

"No, you sloppy pig" I say menacingly and he looks at me shockingly


"I am NOT a screw up. I am NOT a cry baby.

"I am MORE than you tell me I am! I am NOT 'maybe'

"I aways have been and always will be more than you."

I spit the words out, full of rage


the years of abuse have aged

me i know the pain

but don't let this be your last page.

Stand up for yourself because

I Am and You Are

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Really beautiful. Great job. 



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