We are a joke

Thu, 05/04/2017 - 21:39 -- mriadi

America is a joke


Well here’s why:

President Cheeto

Cashmeousside Girl

Our creations like yeezy’s and iphones that state what class we’re in

Politicians using twitter

College graduates working as cashiers

Self obsessed internet gurus

College tuition (Who new Financial Aid packages also meant loans?)



Cooperate Industries




I don’t know

I feel this whole country is going nowhere


Do the other 6 alternate Universes have this problem or are we that one world that’s so obsessed with the new upgrade instead of focusing on Michael Jackson’s long forgotten message from “Earth Song”



All of us in general are mindlessly dying

Mindlessly because we love facing away from our real problems

With our tweets, snaps, and swiping left or right


My head hurts

It's the blue light reflecting off my phone buring my vision; preventing me to see what’s right


I shouldn't be wasting 16hrs a day on my phone

I should be reading breathing praying

I used to read breath and pray

Laziness has grabbed me down and sealed my ass to this bed


My neck is hunched, my hair is matte

Damn it! I can’t even take care of myself because of my phone

I bet you have this problem too


Is it Jihad?

But I'm not fighting against it

I’m letting it win over me


My abdomen hurts.


I am part of why humanity is dying

I’m GUILTY of it

But don't forget so are you


I (we) should be out there doing something


Is this what my youth is compromised with?

What intriguing stories will I tell my kids?

“Oh yes I broke a 100 day streak once. My friend was so mad she blocked me. Ahaha”


So many life ambitions - but where’s the motivation? Where’s the energy?

I know where.

It's in my twiddling thumbs tweeting about things I wish I can do


Easier said than done

I’m killing America

You’re killing America too!

America's dying and I probably won't do anything.

You probably won’t do anything either

By the time we do something, we’ll all be dead.



This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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