We Are the Future, We Are the Youths, We Are the Image of You.

We are wild and reckless, with our youthful dreams and the promise of change.


Yet we are looked down upon, frowned upon, constantly scorned by an elder generation – one that does not understand us.


There are studies labeling us with: depression, anxiety, immaturity.


Have they ever considered that we are just human?

Just as humane as they are, trying to make our place in this world


We are your future; do not shut our voices out.

Listen to us in order to better understand the visions we are willing to produce


Do not judge us so quickly; although we are far from what you desire for the future, breaking us down will not help you.


Work with us, not as superiors, but equals.


We are the future.

Do not critic us so harshly for it is not just I, but you as well, that needs to learn.


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