I was born here, but I didn’t ask to be.My parents thought this place would be amazing. They saw a future of peace and love;Little did they know, it would turn out crazy.Where no one loves me, knows me, respects me;I wish this could be a dream, and feel hazy. In this America, where freedom is supposed to be for all,I am oppressed, as a Muslim, and as a human.The land of the free, but I’m being watched because of my religion.The love song that entices, with deathly, sweet music;I wish the songbird would change its tune for me, my family, my people.We’re ruined.  I have feelings.You, Mr. President, don’t seem to understandWhat it must feel like to lose everything, even dignity. There’s so much more to lose, so much at hand. The pursuit of the rights to be human aren’t in sight;I want this place, this world, to be my Disneyland. I haven’t lived this life to be feared, hated.I live this life because I can hope.You have sorrow, and I understand.It never should’ve happened, and I’m glad you can cope.But I didn’t, we didn’t, do it.I’m so sorry, yet you’ve bound me like a snake as a rope. You want me to go back to my country, but this is it.Life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness is the wish from all this struggle.It’s all we want, so help me.I feel so constrained with this war for power, this muzzle;Let me go, let me speak, listen to me, actually listen.This world is beautiful, but an impossible puzzle. In this America, where freedom is supposed to be for all, I want to stand, and stand righteously.And I know “free” is an overused word,But I will fight for it until I receive some privacy. Now this generation is moving forward,So I think I can see my parents’ future, finally. You and I are family.You and I can come together,To work on a dream.I am indebted to youFor showing me the issue.You are indebted to meFor showing you the solution.

This poem is about: 
My country


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