We by Lucero

Why pretend that we can create a world together,

When we cannot even say that we are going to stay forever.

Thou cannot change who I have become, thee can never defeat what I have become.

This is beggining of my revolution, and I, just don’t need thee by my side.

Say that I need a man and that I need to become a bride,

And I will should that thee needs grow into one.

I don’t need ye, I don’t need the beautiful poems

Every morning to let me know that as a woman I need someone to help me keep flowing.

I don’t need to say that without you I can not keep growing.

You shall learn that no man will step into the castle I have made to keep out your wry.

As a woman, as a child, I show that I will aspire success and not just get by;

With help or without it, I will stand upon falls,

I will show you that everyone can break through any harden wall.

Remember this has begun,

And that thou has earned a run.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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