We’re Everywhere


United States
36° 14' 16.1124" N, 80° 59' 53.3688" W

There’s something different, something new,
something that might even scare you.
There are lots of people who,
are closed-minded and pompous too.

Not everyone, though, is so tame.
Not everyone is so lame.
We are not all the same.
There are some with a wild flame.

There are girls who like girls,
and guys who like guys.
There are even those who like both,
and girls who become guys and guys who become girls.

The first instinct is to freak out,
to throw a fit and pout,
maybe even call names and shout,
and try to discover how this came about.

These people are not sick,
although most others are quick,
to want to beat them with a stick,
or maybe throw something at them like a brick.

Stop! I say.
These people deserve their day.
There is no crime in being gay.
Nor is being bisexual or transgender. We can all live our own way.

Just because it’s different and novel,
doesn’t mean it came straight out of Hell.
These people have rights, just as well.
We’ve all got feelings, can’t you tell?

Though acceptance is rare,
and few people actually care,
for those who dare,
to look, you’ll see we’re everywhere.


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