“He made man, and it was good”
Brothers, Sisters, Mothers, Fathers,
African, Hispanic, White, Indian,
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Straight,
Disabled, Crippled, Healthy, Sick,
Homeless, Wealthy, Poor, Comfortable,
Intelligent, Ignorant, Average, Clever,
Hopeless, Broken, Witty, Optimistic,
Short, Tall, Average, Dwarf,
Jock, Nerd, Teacher’s Pet, Gothic,
Talented, Creative, Useful, Lazy,
Christian, Muslim, Hebrew, Atheist,
Open, Narrow-minded, Hypocrite, Liar,
Neglected, Blind, Deaf, Lost,
Drug Addict, Alcoholic, Fiend, Abusive,
Sensitive, Quiet, Shallow, Obnoxious,
Loving, Hateful, Evil, Hero,
Independent, Needy, Loner, Dependant,
Old-Fashioned, Modern, High-Tech, Ancient,
Ohio State, Michigan, Crazy Fans, Indifferent Bystanders,
Conceded, Humble, Hurtful, Outgoing,

He made everyone in His own image.
All of us have something to offer.
Place your prejudices and judgments behind you,

For we are one.


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